A.by Bom Super Power Baby Ultra Cool Leaf Mask 艾柏梵超能婴儿冰凝叶子清润面膜


A 2-step mask that moisturizes and moisturizes your skin with cool, moisturizing, cooling patches and a green light mask that look like natural leaves.

培育健康水嫩的肌肤的双面膜, 冰凝叶和清润补水面膜让肌肤达到自然冷却,舒缓和保湿效果


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Product Description 产品介绍
A 2-step mask that moisturizes and moisturizes your skin with cool, moisturizing, cool leaf patches and ultra cool leaf mask.
Cool Leaf Patch
– Intensive care with lemon balm, mint leaves, apple mint ingredients to help calm skin and wrinkle-improving functional ingredients to help with elasticity.
Ultra Cool Leaf Mask – Lime, basil, cactus, lemon balm, and herbal leaf ingredients contain skin moisture and cooling car.

Soothe skin with a natural fiber sheet – 
100% natural material Rio cell sheet
Avicenna’s Ultra Cool Leaf Mask uses 100% natural cellulosic cellulosic cellulosic sheet made from wood, and it is less irritating to the skin due to its hygroscopic properties like soft silk and moisture.

培育健康水嫩的肌肤的双面膜, 冰凝叶和清润补水面膜让肌肤达到自然冷却,舒缓和保湿效果
– 甄选天然绿叶提取物,即时带来密集修复,集中补水功效!
清润补水面膜 – 富含纯绿植物精萃,温和无刺激,为肌肤提供充足水分。

面膜材质是莱赛尔纤维 – 采用树木中提取的纤维素,生产出100%纯天然莱赛尔纤维面膜布。莱赛尔纤维拥有如真丝般柔滑的触感,以及超越纯棉的超强吸水性,同时还具有如涤纶般的超强耐用性,和如亚麻般的清凉感。销毁时,只需埋在地底下约一个月左右,便会自动分解的绿色环保纤维,天然制成,对皮肤零刺激。

Main Ingredient 主要成分
Mentha arvensis leaf extract, Melissa officinalis flower/leaf/stem water, Mentha rotundifolia leaf extract, Origanum majorana leaf extract, Cereus grandi florus (cactus) flower extract, Ocimum basilicum (basil) leaf extract, Citrus aurantifolia (lime) fruit extract

日本薄荷叶, 蜜蜂花, 圆叶薄荷, 马约兰花薄荷, 大花仙人掌花,九层塔叶等提取液,青柠果汁

How To Use 使用说明
1. After cleansing, apply a patch of leaves to the skin that has been exposed to intensive care or ultraviolet rays.
2. On top of it, it will tightly cover the ultra cool-leaf mask.
3. Remove it after 10 ~ 20 minutes and tap the remaining sheep to absorb it.

1. 洁面后,将冰凝叶敷在需要集中护理的部位,或者敷在因紫外线而受伤的部位。
2. 之后将清润补水面膜敷于面部.
3. 约10-20分钟后揭下面膜,将残留的精华液轻轻拍打直至吸收。


Made in Korea

Additional information

Weight 270 g


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